Hey there! Allow me to show
some of the personal projects
I have been able to work on so far

Here are a few sites

screenshot of TheCodeLog website

the code log

Custom WordPress personal blog providing code notes and snippets to help reinforce the understanding of web development concepts.

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screenshot of Destinations on a Dash website

destinations on a dash

Custom WordPress blog for Destinations on a Dash, an insightful travel blog for those looking to get the most out of their trip.

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screenshot of Zuni 44 website


A Vue JS, Express JS, Sequelize, Cloudinary, Pug, Nodemailer and mySQL site for homeowner's to share contact information, events in the community and local businesses.

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Here are a few apps

screenshot of Author Books application

Author Books

A React JS, TypeScript, Apollo, and GraphQL app allowing users to create and associate authors and books.

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screenshot of Grocery List application

Grocery List

A React JS and Firebase app allowing users to manage their grocery list.

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screenshot of We Do Denver application

We Do Denver

A Node JS and MongoDB application that allows users to document and review places they have visited in Denver.

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screenshot of recipes anytime application

Recipes Anytime

An AWS via Serverless Framework application with Nuxt to allow users to create personal recipes.

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screenshot of Vue 2 Testing application

Vue 2 Testing

A Vue JS todo application that demonstrates and documents unit, integration and end-to-end tests using Mocha, Chai, Sinon and Cypress in addition to code coverage using Istanbul and NYC.

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Here are a few libraries

screenshot of yeoman generator

Generator LL Prototype

A Yeoman generator for quick prototyping of front end projects. User can choose from several options when scaffolding out a project that includes ES6, SASS, and handlebars

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screenshot of countdown clock

Countdown Clock

A countdown clock using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS providing start, pause, and reset functionality for user selected time.

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